Fall 2017 Client Alert

Dear Client,

We hope you are enjoying Autumn in New York! As you can see we are using a new email newsletter service. It will allow you to choose your email preferences and us to keep better track of our communications.

It’s shaping up to be a busy Fall for us! A lot of new products are being released by Apple and our PC partner, Dell is equipping their new models with some of the fastest processors we’ve seen in consumer grade products. They still come at a hefty price tag but considering how much we rely on technology and speed, it’s very much worth it.

SECURITY: A big discussion every day… Many of our clients have security concerns with their networks and equipment. New iPhone X and other smartphone brands, amazon’s Echo with ‘Alexa’, the newest Sonos… Just a few examples of products using voice and now facial recognition. Is it safe? Time will tell. We are at a critical juncture and there will be a push and pull in the years to come. We recommend always running all the latest security updates to ensure YOU’RE ahead.

HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY FOR SECURITY? When it comes to setting up secure networks and making sure you are protected it’s important to ask yourself how much your data is worth! Spend a small portion of that amount on securing your data and know you’re protected.

Contact us for a free consultation over the phone on any of these issues!

Kind regards,

Team NY Mac Geeks

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